Expert treatment and advice delivered with compassion


As one of Melbourne’s leading Gynaecologists and Fertility Specialists I offer a comprehensive range of gynaecological and fertility treatments.

I place great importance on listening to my patients and will dedicate time getting to know you, ensuring you understand what your diagnosis means for you, and will empower you to make fully informed decisions regarding your treatment.

作为墨尔本的妇科和生育医学方面的专科的领头专家之一, 我提供广泛的妇科和生育方面的治疗服务。我致力于生育医学的发展,并参与其国际研究和教学,给病人提供了最先进的技术和治疗。
对我来说,倾听病人的陈述是十分重要的。我会用足够的时间来了解你的情况,让你明白诊断的意义, 然后你根据所有告知的信息决定和我一起建立一个最适合你的治疗方案。