Qualifications: MBBS, BSc (Hons), PhD, MRCOG, Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine (RCOG UK), FRANZCOG

I am an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and a UK trained Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine. I attended King’s College London and obtained a Molecular Biology based research PhD in the field of male fertility.

Following my PhD I held medical training posts at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospitals in London as well as a Senior House Officer position at King’s College Hospital. In addition, I undertook an IVF clinical fellowship under Professor Lord Winston at Hammersmith Hospital. I undertook registrar and senior registrar training in Cambridge and was the first British trained doctor to complete my entire UK RCOG Reproductive Medicine Subspecialty training at Monash University in Melbourne. Currently I am a public consultant at Monash Health and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University.

I am highly experienced in managing complex and difficult fertility issues and often treat patients who have been given poor prognosis or labelled as ‘poor responders’ as well as those seeking fertility preservation for both medical and social reasons. My main fertility interests are broad and include PCOS, endometriosis, male factor infertility, anovulation, and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Alongside being a Fertility Specialist I am also heavily involved in research. I have written numerous scientific papers and book chapters, and am regularly invited to speak at national and international meetings presenting on my research and expertise in improving safety and success rates of fertility treatment options.

Education is also a passion of mine and I teach and examine for the Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Reproductive Medicine degrees, as well as being a training program supervisor for the specialist training at Monash Health. I am a RANZCOG member of the Victoria Regional Committee (VRC) and am heavily involved in their education, teaching and fundraising. I am also a member of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinical Institute Executive of Epworth Hospital.

The most important part of what I do is ensure my patients feel cared for, listened to, and given the best possible chance to achieve their dream of having a family. I understand that struggling to conceive can be very challenging time and as your doctor I will dedicate time getting to know, ensuring you understand what your diagnosis means for you and will empower you to make fully informed decisions regarding your treatment. Together we will create a treatment journey that’s right for you.

学历资质背景 :内外科医学学士MBBS, 科学荣誉学士 BSc(Hons), 博士 PhD, 皇家妇产科学院成员 MRCOG , 生殖医学专家 (RCOG UK),澳洲新西兰皇家学院妇产科成FRANZCOG。

我是一名经验丰富的妇产科医生,同时也是一名在英国经过专科培训的生育专科医生。我曾经在伦敦King 学院学习并获得男性生殖领域的分子生物基础研究的博士。

完成博士学位后,我在伦敦Guy’s 和圣汤姆斯医院进行医学培训的同时也在King学院附属医院担任主任的职位。另外,我接受在Hammersmith 医院 Lord Winston 教授的试管婴儿临床学习培训。另外我在英国剑桥接受了初级住院医生和高级住院医生的培训,在澳洲墨尔本, 我是第一个在英国完成英国RCOG生殖医学专科培训的医生。目前,我是莫纳什公立医院的专家, 也是莫纳什大学医学院的高级讲师。

我在处理复杂疑难的生育问题经验丰富,经常治疗那些在医学领域被诊断为疑难患者的病人和那些因为病理性和非病理性原因寻求保持生育能力的病人。在生育方面我治疗的范围很广,主要包括多囊卵巢综合症 PCOS, 子宫内膜异位症,男性不育,无排卵,还有习惯性流产。