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Previous Pregnancies

If you have been pregnant in the past, even if that pregnancy wasn’t carried to term, it’s a good indication that you will be able to conceive in the future.

However, if you have become pregnant naturally in the past, there is no guarantee that it will happen as easily as it did the first time.

There are a few factors that might affect your ability to conceive again including your age, if you have a different partner, and your partner’s age.

Conceiving after a termination
If there were no complications with the procedure, having a termination should not affect your chances of having a baby in the future. Injury to the uterus or cervix or serious infection as a result of the termination is extremely unlikely.

Conceiving after a miscarriage
Miscarriage, or a pregnancy loss is the most common complication of pregnancy with around 25% of pregnant women experiencing a miscarriage prior to 10 weeks of gestation. Although miscarriages can be devastating, many couples go on to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. If you have experienced more than three consecutive miscarriages then I would recommend booking an appointment at my dedicated miscarriage clinic.  My dedicated clinic uses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes for my patients are achieved. You can find out more about this clinic here.