Single women and same sex couples will require the use of donor sperm in order to achieve a pregnancy.  Additionally, in approximately one third of heterosexual couples presenting for fertility assessment, there are specific male factor issues and of these couples, a very small proportion may need to use donor sperm to conceive.

Donor sperm can be used as part of intrauterine insemination or an IVF treatment cycle.

Patients are able to use donors known to them or those recruited by Monash IVF (clinic recruited)

有好几种原因病人需要使用捐献者的精子。大约每25人中就有一个因为医学或者基因问题无法成为父亲, 每1/8的夫妻中有一对需要使用捐献者的精子来达到怀孕。单身女性和同性恋者中,捐献的精子可以用来宫腔内注射或IVF治疗。