For older women, women who have experienced early menopause or those that have had a number of unsuccessful IVF cycles I may recommend the use of an egg donor as part of an IVF cycle. Egg donors are either anonymous or known to the recipient and generally aged between 21 and 36 years. Most donors are fertile women who donate altruistically to a known recipient.

Partnering with Monash IVF enables my patients to access The World Egg Bank in the United States. The World Egg Bank enables women and couples the option of importing donor eggs from the USA and dramatically reducing time frames often experienced within Australia.

对年龄大一些的女性,经历了较早更年期或那些经历很多次IVF不成功的女性,我会推荐使用捐献者的卵子用来进行治疗。卵子捐献者可以是认识的或者匿名的,年龄在21岁到36岁之间。大部分捐卵者是育龄妇女把卵子无私的捐献给认识的患者。 因为与莫纳什试管婴儿中心合作,我的病人可以使用在美国的世界卵子银行的卵子。通过使用从美国世界卵子银行进口的卵子,帮助女士和夫妻拥有更多选择,同时在澳洲的治疗时间减少了很多。