For social reasons
A woman’s fertility or ability to have children with their own eggs becomes harder with age and often not possible by the time they reach 40. For a number of women, the time when they are most fertile simply isn’t the right time to have children. Egg freezing can give you an opportunity to take control of your fertility and have children when the time is right for you.

To ensure you have the greatest success with this treatment option its important to freeze a reasonable amount of eggs. Therefore you will need to undertake the first half on an IVF cycle which will include hormone injections, blood tests, scans and then a general anaesthetic to collect your eggs. Your eggs are then frozen using an advanced method called vitrification and then stored until you are ready to use them.

For medical reasons
Being diagnosed with cancer or other medical conditions can be a very difficult time for you and your family and sadly may also impact future plans to start a family as some treatments have side effects that may affect fertility. In this challenging time its therefore also important that fertility preservation options are considered. I will work closely with your oncology team to put in place a tailored fertility preservation plan that is timely, safe and provides you with the best chance of preserving your fertility until a future time when you’re ready to have a family.

社会因素 女性的生育能力或用自己的卵子拥有孩子的能力随着年龄的增加越来越难,到了40岁的年龄经常变得不可能。许多女性当他们在容易受孕的时候不适合要孩子,冻卵可以给你机会帮控制你的生育能力并在你准备要孩子的时候帮你实现。 为了确保你在这个治疗中获得最大的成功,冷冻足够量的卵子是很重要的。因此你需要接受第一部分的治疗包括激素注射,抽血, 超声波检测,然后全麻下取卵。你的卵子会通过先进的技术被冷冻起来, 这个冷冻技术称为玻璃化冷冻,然后一直保存到你准备使用为止。 医学因素 由于诊断为癌症或者其他医学原因,可以说对你和你的家庭是非常难过的,并且可以影响到你未来拥有一个家庭,因为一些治疗有副作用,会影响你的生育能力。在这个艰难的阶段,考虑保持你的生育能力的选择是很重要的。我会和你的肿瘤专科团队密切联系,建立一个长期生育保存的战略方案,确定你生育能力保持的方案是在最适合的时间,最大安全的给你最好的保留生育的机会, 帮助你未来可以拥有家庭的时候可以使用。