At your first appointment I will carry out an initial assessment to ensure I have a thorough understanding of your medical history as well as your general health and lifestyle. I will also spend time getting to know you and to understand what’s important to you so that together we can create a treatment journey that’s right for you.

Based on the results from the initial assessment I will recommend some preliminary tests and investigations. Your tests and investigations may include some or all of the following:

Blood tests
A blood test in the first week of your cycle to measure the levels of estrogen hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), antimullerian hormone (AMH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels.

A pelvic ultrasound
A pelvic ultrasound will determine if there are any physical changes, such as fibroids or polyps, that may affect your treatment, and to also check for the presence of ovarian cysts. It will also measure the size of your ovaries and count the number of small follicles present in your ovaries. The ultrasound also provides a ‘baseline’ report that can be used as a reference during your treatment.

A semen analysis to assess the following:

Motility: The sperm’s swimming ability.

Morphology: The shape of the sperm.

Count: The number of individual sperm.

Vitality: The capacity of the sperm to live and endure.

IBT (anti-sperm antibodies). These antibodies can attach to the sperm’s tail and may impede the sperm’s ability to travel through the cervical mucus.

在第一次会诊时,我会做出一个初步评估,确定我对你的整体健康和生活方式还有你的病史有一个全面的了解。我会花时间来认识了解什么对你是最主要的问题,然后我们可以制定一个最适合你的治疗方案。 通过一开始的评估,我会推荐一些初步的检查和测试,你的检查和测试包括下面部分或全部的项目。 女性 血液检查 在你月经周期的第一周检测你的雌激素,促黄体生成素FSH,促卵泡生成素LH,卵巢存储量测试AMH,还有甲状腺功能测试TSH。     盆腔超声波测试 盆腔超声波检测将会检验出身体有什么变化,比如子宫肌瘤,息肉,这些会影响你的治疗,并且检查有没有卵巢囊肿。同时还可以检测卵巢大小和小卵泡的数量。超声波同时提供基础报告可以用来作为你治疗中的参照。   男性: 精子分析评估如下: 精子运动能力 : 精子游动的能力。 精子形态: 精子的形状。 精子的数量: 精子的总数。 精子活力: 精子的生存能力和耐受力。 精子的抗体IBT: 这些抗体会依附在精子的尾部,阻止精子穿过宫颈粘膜的能力。