I feel very passionately about both couples and individuals achieving their dream of having a family. The two types of treatments I recommend for single women are intrauterine insemination (IUI) and IVF. Both of these treatments will require the use of donor sperm. Due to IUI and IVF treatment needing a laboratory and scientists they will be undertaken at Monash IVF under my guidance.

我非常愿意帮助对或者个人完成拥有完整家庭的梦想。对单身女性两种方式可以推荐给单身女性。一种是宫腔内人工授精 IUI, 还有就是试管婴儿IVF。这两种方式都需要使用捐献者的精子。因为这两种治疗都需要实验室和科学家,所以通过我制定方案莫纳什试管婴儿中心会具体实行这两种治疗。