If you identify as trans, gender fluid or non-binary, I can help you fulfil your dream of becoming a parent as a single person or with your partner.

Some individuals decide to preserve their fertility before going ahead with transition, however if you didn’t freeze your eggs or sperm prior to starting the process there are still treatment options available.


As a trans-man your fertility can be preserved by freezing your eggs, freezing ovarian tissue or freezing embryos that have been created with partner or donor sperm. Even if you have commenced testosterone treatment or have been taking it for several years it’s still possible to get healthy eggs from the ovaries to fertilise and create embryos.

If you have frozen eggs or embryos, but have had your uterus and ovaries removed, a surrogate or partner will need to carry the baby for you. If you don’t have frozen eggs or sperm then we can discuss using donor eggs.

If you haven’t had your uterus and ovaries removed it will be possible for you to achieve pregnancy using either partner or donor sperm.


As a trans-woman your fertility can be preserved by freezing your sperm, freezing surgically removed sperm (if masturbation is not an option) and freezing testicular tissue. Unfortunately these options are normally only successful if they are started before hormone treatment.

If you haven’t preserved your fertility there are still a number of options to have a family. If you’re single, you can undergo IVF treatment using a surrogate with embryos created from donor eggs and sperm.  If you have a partner with a uterus it will be possible for them to carry the baby using an embryo created with partner or donor egg and donor sperm.

If you have preserved your sperm or your partner can produce sperm then pregnancy will be possible by using a surrogate and donor eggs.