If you’re struggling to conceive there are no guidelines of when to seek advice that suit everyone. Generally speaking if you are over 35, you shouldn’t wait too long before seeking expert advice and I would suggest making an appointment if you haven’t achieved pregnancy after 6 months. If you are under 35, I would recommend making an appointment if you have menstrual problems or are not pregnant after 12 months of trying.

However, what is most important is that you seek expert advice if you have any gynaecological or fertility concerns. An appointment may result in you finding out everything is fine, or empower you with information to make informed decisions regarding your gynaecological and fertility health, and the treatment journey that’s right for you.

如果你尝试受孕有困难,却没有每个人何时要寻找建议的指标。一般来说,如果你超过35岁,你不应该等太久才去寻求专家的建议。我建议如果你尝试六个月后还没有怀孕就应该见专科医生。如果你在35岁以下,有月经的问题或尝试12 个月以后没有怀孕,我会建议你预约见专科医生。