I understand that struggling to conceive or experiencing gynaecological problems can be a very challenging time and it takes courage to take the next step and see a doctor. Your first appointment will provide a space for you to talk to me about your journey so far, how you’re feeling and any concerns you may have. Please feel assured that you will never be rushed if more time is needed.

I will take a detailed history to ensure I have a thorough understanding of your medical history as well as your general health and lifestyle. Based on the results from the initial assessment I will recommend some preliminary tests and investigations.

On your second appointment we will go through the results from your preliminary tests and investigations. I will spend time ensuring you understand what your diagnosis means for you and will empower you to make fully informed decisions regarding your treatment so that together we will create a treatment journey that’s right for you.

For patients living further away or overseas I offer Skype appointments. For those patients who speak Mandarin I also offer Skype appointments with the assistance of my dedicated Mandarin speaking nurse.





对于那些住在边远地区或者海外的患者,我提供SKYPE 预约会诊。对讲中文的病人,我也提供SKYPE 远程会诊,并让我讲中文的护士尽量配合帮助我们的会诊。